Police chase ends after suspect crashes stolen vehicle into tree


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A high-speed police chase ended Wednesday morning after a carjacking suspect crashed into a tree just north of uptown Charlotte, police said.

Officers said at 8:57 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 22 they were called to the 2200 block of Catherine Simmons Ave. for the report of a carjacking. 

Police say after stealing the car, an officer located the suspect driving on Statesville Ave. and tried pulling him over.

“I saw about 20 police cars just barge in here and started running after him,” said Raza Shirzad, who witnessed the whole event.

Instead of stopping, the suspect took off, sideswiping another car, then crashing the truck. He then fled on foot. Officers caught up to him on Pine St. 

“I was watering the plant right behind that window over there and  I saw this white truck right behind you ram into this tree and this kid just got out and started running,” Shirzad said. 

Police tell us the suspect suffered minor injuries from the crash. He was caught in an alley outside of Raza Shirzad’s business. 

Folks living in this apartment complex near the scene say the suspect lived here. The morning’s chaos was scary for Shirzad, who told FOX 46 he came too close to the action.  

“Being in a neighborhood like this, I’ve seen enough of these things, but this is the first time it was actually happening right here in front of my own eyes,” he said. 

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