Police cars get detailed for Detective Mike Doty’s memorial service


YORK COUNTY, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — With Sunday’s warm weather many came out and gave their cars a good scrub.

So did many Firefighters from Flint Hill Fire Department. They took on multiple police cars that will be part of Detective Mike Doty’s memorial service on Monday.

Jake Reed is a firefighter and owns his own car detailing business. He says, being part of the brotherhood and having known Doty personally, he felt he needed to somehow pay his respects to his fallen friend.

“I’m good at two things washing cars and fighting fires,” Jake Reed said, 

So Reed, with some friends and volunteers from Faith Assembly Church in Rock Hill got some sponges and got to work. Cleaning any officer’s or deputy’s car that was heading to the memorial free of charge

“All these people who are looking for a way to give back to law enforcement or first responders, they are going to have a direct hand in Detective Doty’s funeral, making all these cars look good,” Reed said. 

Many officers thanked the firefighters, but for them it’s an honor.

“It means a lot that these officers trust us enough to clean their cars because there is a lot of pride that goes throughout the fire service and police. So, just to know they are trusting us to make sure their cars look the best that they can for their fallen, it means a lot to us too,” Firefighter Joshua Barfield said.

“It not a great moment but it’s the best way to send somebody off. Me being out there, I just wanted to make sure all these vehicles looked the best they could for Detective Doty,” Reed said.

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