Police called to deputy’s home hours before deadly-domestic shooting


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Charlotte-Mecklenburg police investigated a “hit-and-run” at the home of two Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s deputies hours before a deadly-domestic shooting Monday afternoon.

Deputy James Hawkins was shot and killed inside his home off Ashley Meadow Drive around 4 p.m., Monday. Hawkins’ wife, Rataba Hawkins, was involved in the shooting, but CMPD has not publicly said if she shot and killed him.

Police scanners reported Rataba Hawkins claimed “her husband reached for a knife and she shot him” when she called 911.

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CMPD was called to their home to investigate a hit-and-run at 12:19 p.m. that same day — hours before the shooting.

James and Rataba Hawkins are the only people listed in the report that reads, “the listed suspect did unlawfully and willfully; fail to give notice by the quickest means of communication to CMPD when he was involved in an accident resulting in property damage to 13334 Ashley Meadow Dr. to an extent of $1,000 of more.”

The report adds a garage door and automobile were damaged during the hit and run and both people involved were “within family.”

CMPD did not return comment on Tuesday when asked what role this did or did not have with the shooting.

Neighbor Selena Thompson told FOX 46 Charlotte she thought it was odd that police were at the home just hours before the deadly shooting.

“That’s the last time I saw him,” Thompson said. “I just know it’s heartbreaking and devastating.”

Thompson said the couple had only moved into the neighborhood last Fall.

CMPD said it will provide updates in this case at its weekly press conference on Wed., January 17.

No arrests have been made. CMPD said it is not looking for any suspects and would not refer to the wife, Rataba Hawkins, as a suspect.

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