Plaza Midwood area residents protest “cookie-cutter” development


More than 600 people living in the Commonwealth/Morningside Neighborhood of the Plaza Midwood area are protesting against a rezoning that would allow around a dozen new homes to be built in the heart of the neighborhood.

Five homes would be demolished to make room for the project along St. Julien Street and McKlintock Road. Petitioners argue the neighborhood does not need that sort of density in the middle of its neighborhood and that the designs are simply “out of character.”

“Again with the diversity and character that everyone loves here, we just don’t want to see a bunch of cookie-cutter houses here,” resident Allen Nelson said.

The project will be taken to City Council on Sept. 21.

“We’re open to density and other projects, but not this particular one,” neighborhood President Jeannie Fennel said.

Developer Bobby Drakeford believes his project will fit into the community. No updated renderings have been provided of what will go up, but past projects of his resemble narrow homes with several stories.

“The Planning Commission says it fits into character and then [the neighborhood] says its not,” Drakeford said. “I just don’t know how to get everyone on board.”

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