Plan for the ‘zombie apocalypse,’ make money for college


If you’re into duck calls or duct *tape, there’s a scholarship for you! 

“I’ve seen some interesting dresses made out of duct tape. I don’t know how they do it. But some of them really good,” says Bernice Feaster. She’s talking about the “Stuck At Prom” scholarship for crafty students who create a prom dress or tux from Duck brand duct tape. It’s worth $10,000.

How about planning for a zombie apocalypse? The best plan wins a cool $2,000. As the Scholar Mom, Feaster works with local families to find funds to pay for college. She says some of her students have won the weirdest scholarships.

“I think lefthanded scholarships, just being lefthanded, being over 6 feet tall.,” she said.

Feaster says there’s no limit to what you’ll find, you just have to look hard enough. 

“There’s a scholarship out there dealing with art, designing a hallmark card. And you just do a drawing. And you send it in and if you get selected, then they give you money.” 

It does require work to apply to all of these scholarships, but if you don’t, you’re leaving money on the table. 

“Because you just never know what you gonna win and that money makes a difference. One of my students has $7,000 to $8,000 in outside scholarships, on top of her full ride to college. That’s extra money that she’s going to have going into school.”

From practicing pagans to aspiring clowns, thousands of dollars are out there, she says. 

“The only guarantee is you don’t apply, you won’t win.”

Just think of the bragging rights that come from winning the Starfleet Scholarship, thanks to your knowledge of Star Trek.

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