Pet snake gets stuck in woman’s stretched earlobe


(FOX NEWS) — An Oregon woman’s post about how her pet snake’s curiosity landed her in the emergency room has quickly gained steam on social media.

Ashley Glawe, who has since recovered from the January incident, shared that she was playing with her pet snake when it poked its head through her stretched earlobe and became stuck.

Glawe said the Ball Python snake, named Bart, was too big to fit all the way through her lobe, and she was unable to extract it on her own. Glawe further explained that she wears gages in her earlobes but had taken them out.

“BY FAR one of my #CRAZIEST life moments!” Glawe wrote in the Jan. 23 Facebook post. “Went to the #EmergencyRoom because my #BallPython #Python #Snake decided to get #STUCK in my #Gauged earlobe!”

A friend informed concerned commenters that doctors at Portland Adventist Hospital made a slight cut in Glawe’s ear and used Vaseline while further stretching the lobe with a plastic tool so that the snake could wiggle out. Glawe told another commenter that her ear was numbed before the procedure and that the experience hurt “a little,” but Bart was unharmed.

Glawe’s original post has been shared more than 32,000 times, and has gained more than 23,000 likes. 

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