Peeping toms caught on camera outside south Charlotte home


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Some South Charlotte neighbors are feeling uneasy after a surveillance camera captured not one but two peeping toms.

What was caught on camera is disturbing, according to Linda Britton who serves as the HOA President for Thuringer Court neighborhood.

The two men came to the house in the early morning hours on two different days.

A camera outside the bedroom window captured the first man in hat wandering up to the house. He can be seen looking into the house and then bending down to get a different view.

He lingers for about 10 minutes.

“I was outraged and scared at the same time,” said Britton. Britton spoke with the victim.

“She was up and noticed the man looking through her blinds,” Britton said. The victim told Britton that she checked her cameras and they confirmed her fears.

“It happened Thursday night and then Friday night it happened again,” explained Britton.

The second time it was a different man. The camera catches him walking up. His back is to the camera for most of the time he is there and he looks through the window and also glances up to see if anyone was around. This man spent about four minutes in the victim’s back yard.

Britton immediately notified her neighbors about the peeping toms.

“It’s extremely important that we’re vigilant and look out for each other,” said said.

She hopes the black and white video will help police find these two men before something else happens.

“I would tell them to stop. If they had any idea of what their actions are doing and the emotional distress not only to the victim but to the rest of us who live in the neighborhood,” said Britton.

One neighbor who did not want to go on camera tells FOX 46 she believes she knows the identity of one of the men. She took that information straight to CMPD.

The case remains active and open.

If you know who these men are or where they are contact Crimestoppers 704-334-1600.

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