Pediatricians find new ways to treat young patients during COVID-19 crisis


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Pediatricians’ offices in and around Charlotte are finding news ways to treat young patients during the coronavirus crisis. 

Video from a coronavirus testing site in Huntersville shows how doctors are making the necessary changes in and around the Charlotte area. 

“We’re having them convert that visit to a parking lot exam to peek in the ear or do a quick strep swab or something like that,” Dr. Katherine Addison, with Novant Health – Dilworth Pediatrics, said.

Dr. Addison said they’re doing their best to cut down on the number of people in waiting areas during the coronavirus crisis by having parents call from the parking lot when they arrive for a sick visit. 

“They sit in their car and call us and someone answers and does all the check-ins over the phone and then they pass the phone to the nurse and the nurse does her part over the phone,” Dr. Addison explained. 

Virtual visits are a great resource but especially for babies who can’t explain how they’re feeling. Dr. Addison said parents are sometimes more reassured with an in-person exam. 

“We’re not going to tell them to go somewhere that isn’t absolutely necessary for further evaluation,” she said. 

And there’s another option – a portable medical device which lets parents do a virtual exam – and send images to their doctor. 

“It uses a wifi attachment to your smartphone and it’s this little monitor that has a screen on it and you can attach these little attachments… it’s got a stethoscope that you put on your back or your chest, it’s got an otoscope which is what we use to look in ears,” Dr. Addison said. 

Finding new ways to treat children…in the middle of a pandemic. 


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