Partners in crime, turned family, as handler adopts retired K9 officer


SALISBURY, NC (FOX 46) — This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Salisbury City Council granted well deserved retirement to one of the K9 officers Jack. In his dog days of retirement, partner in crime Officer Joseph Martinez will officially adopt him.  

The Salisbury Police Department will drop from six K9 officers to five. Officer Martinez will begin the bonding process with a new police dog, once training is complete.

“Usually most police dogs people are afraid to approach them,” Martinez said. “But for some reason, Jack, he just loves people.”

Martinez and Jack have been partners for two years. Jack has served the City of Salisbury for eight years as a K9 officer.

“When we picked him up day one, he jumped in my lap,” Martinez said. “Like he knew I was going to take care of him.”   

During their adventures together, Officer Martinez gives Jack credit for four dangerous arrests.

“We had an armed robber in the woods, at that point I grabbed Jack, and we took off in the woods,” said Martinez. “Obviously the suspect surrendered because he didn’t want the dog.”

Martinez told FOX 46 Charlotte the two have become more than partners in crime, they have become family. After his retirement, Jack will become a household pet, in a very special home, when the Martinez family officially adopts him.

“I never feel like I’m alone in the patrol car, I always have him right there with me,” Martinez said. “But he is going to be at home, so now I have two people happy for me to come home, my dog and my daughter.” 

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