Parents want answers after son found dead in SC prison


DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. — A mother and father are heartbroken after they say their son, who was going to be released from prison in just a few months, was working to turn his live around and planned to move to Charlotte. Instead, they say, he was murdered behind bars.

Family remembers Matthew Williams Jr. as a smiling man who, despite his mistakes, was on his way to the right track.

“He said he was going to get him a job.  He said he wanted to go back to school.  Everything he saying was positive,” mom Selena Williams said.  

Selena and Matthew Williams Sr. say their son was killed last week while serving time at Lieber Correctional in South Carolina. They found out about his death from a family member who saw it on the news.Selena williams / mother234614-

“She said ‘the word is that your son is dead.’ My son? And she was like ‘yeah’,” Selena said.

Right now, Williams’ parents say the answers on his death are very few. They don’t know a motive, they don’t know who did it and days later, they’re waiting for their son’s body to be released.    

They say he had told family about issues he was having at the prison, and they believe he was targeted by others because he was bisexual.

“It’s like killing me twice. I already feel dead inside because of the death of my son, but it feels like they’re killing me, too, because they’re not telling me anything,” said Selena

The SC Department of Corrections says charges against a cell mate of Williams are likely to come, but they are still investigating what happened.   

At this point, Williams’ family just wants to bring him to the place he would’ve called home.

“This is where he wanted to come. This is where he wanted to start his life over” said Selena. –

The Coroner’s Office says there is a preliminary cause of death on Williams, but the results aren’t finalized, and they aren’t releasing cause until it is. 

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