Parents voice concerns about building safety at Providence High School


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) — Some families at Providence High School are questioning the results of a recent study done on campus by independent contractors that tested for mold and air quality issues.

The results of the study were discussed during a public meeting in the school’s auditorium on Wednesday night. 

CMS Superintendent, Dr. Clayton M. Wilcox, led the meeting. 

Many parents raised concerns about pictures recently circulating on social media that show what appears to be mold on ceilings and vents. Some said their children’s health have been impacted.

Wilcox said the school system hired outside contractors to test for mold and moisture problems. Selected areas on campus, within the main buildings, were tested. Wilcox said the results of the initial study, of which the findings are not final, suggest there is nothing uniquely different with the environment. The testing was done sometime last week. 

However, one classroom that was included in the study will need to get additional testing in order to assess if there is a potential problem in that specific area.

Some parents are questioning the results, because the school system had an outside cleaning crew thoroughly clean the school before some of the testing was conducted. Parents are asking if that could have impacted the testing results.

Wilcox said the school system’s priority is keeping kids safe and that additional testing will be done. 



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