Panthers fans pumped for season opener



Teachers and students at Lebanon Road Elementary School said they’re pumped to see the Panthers face off with the Broncos in the season opener. 

“I am so excited because the last Super Bowl they lost, but I hope this one they win,” said one student. 

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“I am so excited that they will win and get to a championship,” said another. 

“Everybody is going to be laughing at the Broncos when they lose because DAB…Cam Newton is going to do The Dab and make a touchdown.”

“I think the panthers are going to win. They are going to beat the Denver broncos. They are going to whoop them till they lose.”

Some fans at the Panthers store on Thursday said they’re hoping for a better outcome than they saw at the Super Bowl. 

“They are going to put a hurtin’ on the Denver defense which they did not do last time. I think it is going to be pretty good for us.”

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