Panthers fans crowd stadium for team send-off to Super Bowl


Hundreds of Panthers fans lined up outside of Bank of America Stadium for a big send-off right before the team headed for California to the Superbowl.

They gathered along Morehead Street to greet the team and cheer for them.

As Panthers players came through the gate one by one heading into the stadium, the crowd erupted into cheers.

One fan said “I bleed black and blue. They’ve overcome so much. How could you not be a fan of them?”

We were there as fans started to show up early in the morning. And as the crowd grew, so did the enthusiasm….

After all the wait, the buses started coming out of the stadium gates headed for the airport. Some fans tell us they’ve been supporting the team since day one.

“I watched Sam Mills in the 50 yard line when he intercepted the pass and returned it for the touchdown to help us beat the jets,” recalls one fan as he described his favorite memory of supporting the Panthers.

Everyone who came out to the stadium is excited for the journey ahead and hoping the team comes back with a Superbowl.

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