Panthers fans already saying goodbye to playoff chances


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Coming off a season where they were last year’s NFC champs to four losses already this year, many panthers fans are left scratching their heads.

“It was disappointing to go from a winning season to this year with some key players leaving the team,” John Van Gorder said. 

Coach Rivera understands their frustration.

“We didn’t turn the ball over. We didn’t protect the football and we didn’t make any plays in terms of getting the ball back. That’s probably the disappointment I have,” Panthers’ Head Coach Ron Rivera said. 

Some fans FOX 46 Charlotte spoke to were so frustrated, they’re even ready to call it early, saying win from here on out or kiss panthers playoff hopes goodbye.

“You really have to go undefeated from here on out to get a spot in the playoff but I doubt it. I’d say do the best they can and finish the season,” Van Gorder said.

But Coach Rivera disagrees.

“Despite the fact that some people want to give the division to somebody already, with 11 games left to play. We will wait and see then. We will play them 1 at a time and that’s how we are going to look at it,” Coach Rivera said.

Fans believe the “new” team needs to come together fast and they’re not alone.

“I can see that they are improving as weeks progress our defense has a lot of work to do and our offense needs to play better,” Rick Gomez said.

“They are hurting but i think they can bring it out, they have before. They have a great team,” Vietta Anderson said.

“It’s a different football team, different season and the bottom line is we have to focus in on us getting better as a football team,” Coach Rivera said.

While some fans say it’s time to forget about making it to Superbowl 51, others aren’t giving up hope.

“I’m ready for anything win or lose. I’m still here. I bleed black and blue,” Van Gorder said.

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