Panthers fan rap goes viral


In honor of his favorite team, the Carolina Panthers, Ked Woodley sings, "Dominate the Foe"

Some Panthers fans cheer on the players at practices and games to show their support. Others write letters or make bracelets.

But then there are fans who take their Panthers pride to the next level.

Panthers fan Ked Woodley from Greenville, N.C. got creative and put together a rap entitled, “Dominate the Foe”, that has people laughing from all directions.

The rap goes something like this. “Carolina Panthers with sharp teeth and crawls, we growl to win this game…” Woodley even adds his own ‘growl’ and ‘rawr’ to the song.

Check it out here.

Woodley expects his favorite team to “dominate the foe” during next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Keep pounding out those tunes Woodley!

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