Paintball battles continue in Charlotte, schools being targeted


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — The paintball wars aren’t slowing down in the Queen City. Another week and another car has been damaged by paintballs.

“I have a deductible to pay, my brand new car not even 30 days off the lot has multiple spots,” the owner of the car, who wanted to remain anonymous said. Her car was parked at David Cox Elementary last week.

She was out of town chaperoning a field trip, but returned three days later to find her car and at least two others riddled with dozens of paintballs.

“It is very frightening I also feel like CMS should have done a better job of keeping their gate closed and locked,” she said.

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Although there was an apparent lack of security. The suspects were reportedly captured on security cameras.

“I saw it and they were driving these high end camaros and sports cars. When I looked at them they were walking around I could even see they were wearing t-shirts and jeans.”

CMPD would not release the footage to FOX 46 Charlotte.

This incident was just one of dozens of reports filed with police over the last several weeks.

This past weekend alone, there were at least five paintball attacks on homes and cars across Charlotte.

Two weeks ago, Chief Kerr Putney had this to say about paintball battles: “I don’t see where paintball battles are productive and I think it could lead to tragic consequences. They look very real.”

Officers are now taking action.

One person was caught Saturday in the Belmont neighborhood shooting paintballs at cars.

CMPD says they were issued a citation, and their paintball gun was taken away.

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