One year later, Army veteran in need of kidney isn’t giving up hope


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — One year ago today FOX 46 Charlotte met Edmund Baines, an Army Veteran fighting for his life. He was driving around with signs on his truck advertising that he needed a kidney.

The journey to find Baines a kidney has been full of emotional ups and downs. FOX 46 Charlotte got results and found the perfect match but Baines later learned she wouldn’t be able to donate.

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Through it all Baines has clung to hope and been persistent while FOX 46 continues to help get results. 

“Through this year I’ve really become humble, it has humbled me…somebody out there somehow is going to help me but I don’t know where, I don’t know when and where it’s coming, so I can only hope,” he said. 

A year after meeting Baines, he told FOX 46 Charlotte that he’s hoping to find another perfect match.

“FOX 46 is the light of my life when it comes to trying to get results for this thing. From day one ya’ll have taken me and done the best you could for me. You put me on several times to get me to where I have to go and I haven’t given up and I haven’t forgotten and I definitely till the day I die won’t forget you guys because you have been an answer to my prayers,” he said. 

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With a lot of prayers answered Baines still doesn’t have a new kidney but he said he learned a lot about what he’s facing and the process.

“I’ve come to the point now where I know everything to tell people. If you’re overweight you can’t donate, if your blood pressure or you’ve had blood pressure problems you can’t donate, if you have diabetes you can’t donate,” Baines said. 

He also learned about programs available to living donors.

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“A lot of people don’t want to donate because they think because they’re out of work for two or three weeks they won’t be paid, they can’t pay their bills. But, the American Kidney Foundation has a program that pays your bills,” he said. 

In the meantime, Baines continues to go to dialysis three times a week and said if you call, he’ll answer and send a donor packet.

“I will definitely answer, if you leave a message I will answer, because I feel that there’s someone out there that’s my match, somebody out there,” he said. 

You can Get Results for Baines. If your blood type is A Positive or type O then you could be a match. Baines can be reached at 980-505 9130. 

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