Officers leaving CMPD for Raleigh Police Department due to better pay


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 WJZY) — Three days after CMPD officers asked The Charlotte City Council for a 15 percent increase in pay, The Raleigh Police Department tweeted out they were coming to Charlotte to recruit.

“I’ve been a veteran of CMPD for about 12 years now and I can tell you from an officer’s standpoint in the 12 years that I’ve been here that morale has never been lower,” CMPD Officer Daniel Redford said. 

I went to that job fair held on Friday and FOX 46 did see CMPD officers getting information but organizers asked us to leave because our cameras were making potential recruits uncomfortable.

“It’s not a competition at all,” Raleigh Police Sgt. Edwin Garcia. 

For many, it seems like Raleigh planned this perfectly.

“When it comes to our recruiting technique, it’s not much of a competition because we are all recruiting the same way. Just so happens we are here today and if there is something going on that we didn’t know about initially it’s just part of a big coincidence,” Sgt. Garcia said.

But still, CMPD officers are leaving to other departments.

“I’ve spoken to Raleigh and has confirmed to me that in fact CMPD officers are applying,” 

Some say it’s due to better pay, but is Raleigh better?

New recruits at CMPD will make $43,492. In Raleigh, they’ll make more than $41,068 but a lot of the officers we spoke with say, it’s not just about the pay, it’s also about the benefits.

Officers tell FOX 46 that Raleigh’s retirement and medical coverage trump those of CMPD, but say it’s the culture within Raleigh that has them leaving Charlotte.

“It’s about the relationship that we have with the community. We emphasize those characteristics that we have that I can easily put it against anyone in the county,” Sgt. Garcia said. 

(Raleigh Police Pay)

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