Nurse says AAA refused to provide roadside assistance, citing her possible exposure to coronavirus


SALISBURY, N.C. — A healthcare worker says she was left stranded at a gas station and denied help by AAA because of her possible exposure to COVID-19.

“I broke down in tears,” Betsy Trexler told FOX 46. 

Trexler is a nurse fighting a pandemic, but when she needed a lifeline, she says no one was there to help her. 

“I was in tears. I called my work to let them know ‘I’m stuck, I can’t come to work, I can’t do my part,” said Trexler. 

She got a flat tire on her way to work Wednesday at an assisted living center in Salisbury. She’s a AAA member, so she didn’t think anything of it, pulling over and giving them a call for help. 

“She basically told me she could not send a service tech out because I had exposure to COVID-19.”

A worker caring for others in a crisis denied service in her own time of need. 

“This illness is like Russian roulette with our lives we don’t know if it’s going to turn out good or bad, but to be stranded and to be cut off, ‘nope we can’t send someone out,’ it’s really sad,” Trexler said. 

AAA Carolinas tells FOX 46 “it is not our policy to deny service. We have followed up with the member with our sincere apologies and are working with our team to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We appreciate the work all our first responders are doing in these unprecedented times.”

Trexler wants AAA workers to be educated and understand that those on the front lines need help too.

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