NoDa business owners turn to social media to track down shoplifters


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Shoplifting was once again caught on camera at a small business in NoDa. Now, small business owners hope working together on social media can bring an end to the loss profits. 

A woman reportedly made off with a one of a kind dress from Bartique in Noda on Saturday around 7:00 p.m.

“She left her smiling and said she would be back,” said owner, Estelle Helfrich.

Helfrich doesn’t want the woman caught on camera coming back to her store.

In the security footage you see is the customer handing over two dresses, but Helfrich says that’s the problem right there. The woman went to the back of the store and to a dressing room with 3 dresses.

“So it was a bit shocking to go back to the dressing room and find an empty hanger on our wall rack and it was just another case of shop lifting in our establishment,” said Helfrich.

Helfrich says she has caught shoplifters before, but this time was different.

“Cause she looked me in the eye and that eye contact that means trust. I mean you should be able to trust that person,” said Helfrich.

Trust was also lost just two weeks ago a another nearby NoDa store.

A man strolled into Johnny Fly Co., taking a pair of sunglasses, and then asked for money to help unlock his car. The man made off with the sunglasses and some cash.

CMPD tells FOX 46 Charlotte the man in that video is a well known con artist.

Small business owners in the area, now on the lookout and hope to work together fighting crime.

“We work very hard everyday and it just hurts our bottom line,” said Helfrich.

Helfrich says she hopes other small business owners in the neighborhood post shoplifting incidents on social media so they suspects can be captured and other business owners can be on the lookout.

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