NODA Animal Hospital finds new home, set to reopen soon


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All summer we have been following the NODA Animal Hospital find a new location. The owner felt she was suddenly forced out, after she had a contract disagreement with the owners of the old building.

“I miss my babies and I am ready to see them. I want to see them,” said Dr. Oona Gayle.

After a summer long search Dr. Gayle and the NODA Animal Hospital are finally getting results.

“We signed the contract while the Hurricane was passing through Charlotte on Friday,” said Dr. Gayle.

The spacious location on Mintworth Avenue in Charlotte still needs some TLC, but it’s a long time coming for the veterinarian who has been out of business since moving out of NODA in late July.

“It wasn’t really a vacation. Cause you just sat at home and worried about when things were going to get done,” said Dr. Gayle.

Like how her employees would still make ends meet with the animal hospital out of business for a short time.

“I have not been able to pay Sarah and they are still sticking with me through everything,” said Dr. Gayle.

Her employees are even helping getting results by fixing up the new space.

It’s about an 11 mile drive from the old location n NODA to the new location along Mintworth Avenue. A new neighborhood, but the animal hospital will be keeping its old name.

“It’s staying the same because I had to pay for it and to have to go through that because that is one step too much. I want to go back,” said Dr. Gayle.

Not back to the old building, but the neighborhood that started it all. Dr. Gayle hopes to someday move her boxes into a space she builds from the ground up within the NODA neighborhood.

Her moving experience, was not by choice. The fine print in the old landlords contract, forced a last minute move.

“Unfortunately, it makes it not as trust worthy as I was. I made sure that my attorney he read through the contract so many times that my eyes were blurring over,” said Dr. Gayle.

After the final inspection, the animal hospital should open next week.

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