No Laughing Matter: False clown sightings in NC wasting manpower


CLEVELAND CO., NC (WJZY) — The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office said recent clown sightings reported in the area have prompted pranksters to make false reports. 

Deputies said an anonymous call was made Wednesday stating a clown was on school premises and a Facebook post depicting a clown with the caption that it was see near a Cleveland County high school. 

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Both of these incidents were investigated and found to be false.

The Sheriff’s Office said investigating these allegations takes time and manpower. 

“We realize that fear regarding incidents involving clowns in South Carolina has spread and, unfortunately some are using it to play pranks. To many this is not a joking matter. Baseless and false reports take away from the Sheriff’s Office resources and ability to work other criminal investigations,” the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office said, in a written statement, released on Wednesday. 

After conferring with the District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office has determined anyone who posts a picture of a clown stating it is near a school will possibly face charges of obstruction of justice.

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