New traffic pattern coming to Charlotte Douglas expected to cause jams


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Get ready travelers: As if it’s not already bad enough, traffic at Charlotte Douglas Airport is about to get worse.

“It’s been a complete nightmare the last couple of years here. I don’t think they really know what they are doing,” traveler Gary Biggerstaff said. 

Beginning at 11:00 p.m. Thursday major changes are coming to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Officials say three lanes currently being used as the passenger pick up area will be closed.

Five new lanes will open for the public on the adjacent side, and rideshare companies Lyft and Uber will be moved to the upper level for about a week.

“That’s going to be a nightmare, they call that Nightmare on Elm Street or the nightmare at the Charlotte Airport one or the other.” 

From October 24 to the 31 the five new lanes on the lower level will be used by commercial vehicles, like shuttles and buses. 

Those lanes will also be shared with other drivers picking up and dropping off.

“My common sense tells me that it’s probably going to make traffic a lot worse for these however long that they have it closed down,” traveler Dennis Reed said. 

The 50 million dollar project is part of a plan to get more people flying to and from Charlotte. When complete the renovation and expansion will total about $3 billion. 

“Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing cities as you know, so traffic is a big part of that so it’s already a challenge getting and navigating especially with all of the construction going on,” Reed said. “So hopefully whatever changes that they are doing they can do it expeditiously.”

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