New potential kidney donors contact NC Army veteran in need


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Edmund Baines has been answering calls and preparing to deliver donor packets all day.  

“I’m very happy. I’m gone tell you no joke it stunned me the people that reached out to me and called me last night and this morning to say that ‘Hey, we’re here. I want to help you,’” Edmund said. 

Comments on Facebook and emails poured in after our story aired of Edmund meeting his kidney donor for the first time, then finding out she wasn’t able to donate. 

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Baines says his phone has also been ringing with potential donors on the line, including one woman in Raleigh who says she has two healthy kidneys and would gladly give him one of hers.

“He deserves a chance and it really made me sad that she just wasn’t a good fit like a good match for him and I just felt awful about that from the excitement that he must have felt,” said Noel Kenyon. 

Noel called Edmund after seeing the story on Facebook.

“I saw his number on the side of his truck   and I was like let me call because I’m O positive and I know that’s like super good,” she said. 

“A lot of people that are calling me are A positive and O positive and those are the two types that are the most important to me,” said Edmund.

He’s thankful to all who have called and hopes the packets he sends them will be returned. 

“This form is the difference between me being without a kidney and me getting a kidney,” he said. 

Noel says she’s on board. 

“I have two healthy kidneys and what do I need two for if one could save somebody’s life.”

Edmund tells me if his last donor would have passed he would have gotten the transplant this Friday, but he told me he’s still here, he’s still fighting and he’s not giving up and neither are we.

Help us get results! If you’re interested in donating, or know someone who is, email us at, or contact us through Facebook. You can also reach out to Edmund directly at (980) 505-9130.

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