New management takes over Lake Arbor Apartments


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — The troubled Lake Arbor Apartments is now under new management, according to a letter distributed to tenants Wednesday.

For nearly a year now, FOX 46 has aired dozens of stories on deplorable conditions the residents of Lake Arbor Apartments have lived in.

From mold to roaches and even rats.

“Lake Arbor is now under new management,” a letter, dated April 10, read to tenants. “Again, we want to welcome you to our professional management company,” the letter added.

The letter was issued from Wellington Advisors.

The city is taking ownership to court over violations after a FOX 46 investigation led code enforcement to inspect every unit.


The city says 159 apartments have been fixed but 164 are still out of compliance.

“To me it seems like they’re working a little bit slow,” tenant Serita Russell said.

One resident told FOX 46 that his toilet was leaking for four days and wouldn’t flush this week.

He had to walk across the street to a recreation center to use the restroom. 

FOX 46 is getting results. We notified the city. They took action. They said contractors fixed the toilet and drainage issues that were affecting multiple units.

Unfortunately, the tenant who reached out to FOX 46 said the toilet issues are back.

Contractors were seen working across the property on Thursday. FOX 46 has seen improvements ranging from new mailboxes to security cameras near the leasing office to new windows and decks at certain apartments.

Community organizers welcome a management change.

“It says that the Lake Arbor owners are actually listening to the residents,” Action NC’s Hector Vaca said.

FOX 46 learned, however, this is not a clean sweep of management.

Charlotte-based attorney, Erik Rosenwood, who represents Lake Arbor ownership told FOX 46 that Broad Management, which has managed the property since before FOX 46 began investigating last year, will still be a part of the process.

“I don’t know exactly what the relationship is with Wellington but understand that we have brought them in to assist us in addressing the way the office is run and the maintenance of the site,” Rosenwood said. “They are also helping us with better processes for handling tenant concerns.

“But Broad Management is still in charge.”

There was no mention of Broad Management in the letter sent to tenants from Wellington Advisors, which labeled itself as “new management” and “Your Management Team,”

Some residents haven’t paid rent in nearly a year because of what’s happening inside their apartments. A previous letter from Broad Management said they wouldn’t evict anyone with open code violations.

It’s unclear if that agreement will stay in place.

Community organizers support management changes, but say it should be just the beginning. 

“So, one policy change could be to have repairs made within 24 hours rather than make people wait. Necessities like toilet and electrical,” Vaca said.

This summer will mark one year since FOX 46 began investigating Lake Arbor. Throughout dozens of stories, previous management never responded to us and tenants say they took action against them for speaking to us.

“Retaliation against people that want to talk on the news and tell our stories,” Russell said.

Neighbors say they hope this latest announcement is truly a fresh start.

“To me it’s a good thing,” Russell added.

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