New details released in officer-involved shooting in Salisbury


SALISBURY, NC (FOX 46) — New information Friday in a deadly police shooting in Salisbury that happened on Thursday. Police are saying the man they shot and killed opened fire on them first. 

The police chief said he believes the man who was shot and killed knew it was police at his door located at Lafayette Street – and that he did not mistake them for intruders. 

Meantime, there’s a major effort in Salisbury to heal the broken relationship between police and the community. 

“Tragedy, but this will be here indefinitely because we’re in this community together. We know that there’s a tough road ahead,”Latasha Wilks said, friend of man killed by police. 

A group of ministers in Salisbury came to the neighborhood Friday. They knocked on doors and went out with police, just one day after an officer shot and killed Ferguson Laurent Jr., 22.

Police said Laurent fired shots at them as they were executing a search warrant inside his home. 

“I believe he thought somebody was coming in to rob him. You think about it…the bottom sound, he probably was struck with fear.”

Salisbury police were executing what they call a no-knock warrant when Laurent was killed. That means they initially go in unannounced. 

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FOX 46 Charlotte asked the police chief if they clearly identified themselves as police. 

“I do believe that…the SRT came around as officers entered they announced,” he said. 

The NAACP is calling for an independent investigation into the shooting. 

“This was a premeditated effort and we don’t understand why the police department didn’t take the time to make sure all of these officers had body cameras,” another said. 

Police told FOX 46 Charlotte the officers executing the warrants, who are with the Special Response Team, are not issued body cameras. But the police chief now says he may reconsider that issue. It won’t help in this case, but it may build trust down the road. 


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