New analytics program set to help CMPD and community


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 WJZY) — CMPD introducing new technology designed to help them and the community. 

“Essentially the E.I.S. (early intervention system) is predictive analytics,” said CMPD spokesperson, Rob Tufano. “It’s a database and an algorithm that allow us to look at data that goes into it and predict officer behavior.” 

It’s the same program Chief Kerr Putney spoke of in a recent Facebook chat about better policing using the example of why an officer may pull over a certain race more than another. 

The program tracks  more than 1100 risk factors like arrests, crime reports and traffic stops.
And although each officer will be measured by the system 60 to 100 officers will be flagged monthly.

“For each of those officers in the top 5% the computer looks at the top five reasons why they were spit out to the top. It might be as mundane as how many parking tickets on a Tuesday,” said CMPD captain Mark Santaniello.

Because of other checks and balances throughout the department, the captain adds he doesn’t see a situation where someone would be terminated solely due to the analytics.

CMPD optimistic this type of data program brings them even more credibility.

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