New airport traffic shift takes effect at Charlotte-Douglas


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Starting Wednesday morning, Charlotte-Douglas International Airport opened five new upper lanes of their Elevated Roadway and Terminal Curb Front.

Vehicles will reroute from the current three lane upper roadway to the newly constructed five lane upper roadway, marking the completion of Phase II and signaling a major milestone for the airport. 

“It’s a whole lot more convenient getting in and out and a whole lot faster pattern,” said one man.


“There’s a lot more room and you can pull in more easily so it looks like it could actually help the congestiion of the airport,” says another traveler. 


Airport officials said barricades will be in place and additional traffic officers on site to assist drivers. They said level roadway traffic, for arrivals and baggage claim, will remain the same.

Visitors to the airport will notice a change in traffic patterns. Commercial vehicles (shuttles, buses, taxis, TNCs and limousines) will shift to the three inside lanes near the terminal and personal vehicles will occupy the five outside lanes near the Hourly Deck. 

Four temporary pedestrian walkways recently built will also allow the public access to and from the new roadway and terminal without impeding vehicular traffic.

Currently, the Elevated Roadway and Terminal Curb Front is 90 percent complete, airport officials said. 

The $50 million project is part of Destination CLT, a $2.5-$3.1 billion capital investment program to renovate the concourses and expand CLT’s roadways, curb front, airfield and terminal.    

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