Neighbors across Charlotte area prepare for cold weather


Neighbors across the Charlotte area are preparing for a cold snap that will bring bitter cold temperatures and possible snow flurries. 

Kiwanis Park in Hickory was full of fun and excitement Monday afternoon while the sun was shining– a big difference from what tomorrow will bring. 

“I’m preparing to stay in because it’s going to be cold and it could be some snow,” one neighbor told FOX 46. 

There’s a chance the area could see snowflakes in the morning, but what’s for certain is a dip in temperatures overnight will likely result in temps hovering around the teens in the morning, which already has some in the Hickory area feeling the chill.

“I am not ready for all that cold. It’s not supposed to be cold yet,” Norma Pierson said. 

She was out at the park with her three grandchildren. She tells FOX 46 — with cold temperatures on the way her house has to be child ready. 

“Make sure they got stuff at the house to play with, maybe make a soup to keep you warm,” said Pierson.

For high school student Carl Slade, the frigid morning means a longer time in bed. 

“I’m going to be late because I’m going to be under my blankets,” Slade said.

Winter Weather Advisory in effect as arctic blast brings freezing temps, chances for snow

Over in Huntersville, neighbors were grabbing last-minute items before heading home and bundling up as the chill started creeping out Monday night. 

“It’s that time of the year. Today was 70 degrees and pleasant, but tomorrow is going to be cold, cold rain,” Rick Fuller said. 

Although people have their coats in hand and they’re prepared for this week’s dip in temperatures, some aren’t embracing the weather at all.

“I’m not too excited about it. I would rather be in the warm weather,” Kentrell Barnes said. 

But for some others, they’re all in for the sliding forecast.  

“I love cold weather. I do. This time of the year is my time of the year: Fall, cold weather, football season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, I love it!” 

Remember to bring your pets indoors as the temps drop too. It’s a common belief that dogs and cats are more resistant than people to cold weather because of their fur, but it’s untrue. Veterinarians say animals are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia just like people.

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