Neighbor worries about gun violence after 2 shot in west Charlotte home


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Two people are lucky to be alive after someone shot into their west Charlotte home in the middle of the night.

Details on the incident are scarce, but there’s still evidence a shooting took place, with blood and bullet holes left behind.

“I knew somebody was hurt. Look where we live. I was like, ‘somebody’s hurt. ‘That’s just how it is,” neighbor Tyneil Thompson said. 

Someone called 911 while rushing a woman and teenage boy to the hospital early Friday morning.

On Avalon Avenue, blood soaked the front stoop of the home that was shot into, and a hole shows where a bullet pierced their window. According to CMPD, someone fired multiple times, hitting the two victims, but they don’t know who or why yet. Police say the injuries aren’t life threatening.

LINK: Teen, woman injured after northwest Charlotte home struck by bullets

“It took me a while to look out the window, but I looked and I didn’t see nobody.” 

Thompson says she heard six to seven shots around 2:30 in the morning, but by the time she looked outside, both the suspect and the victims were gone.

“I just seen them yesterday morning leaving. They was just outside playing with their little sister and everything. It’s crazy.”

She’s lived at this home for three years, and says the violence is disheartening. She hopes people realize the impact of pulling a trigger.

“Charlotte don’t got their value no more. It’s too many kids losing their lives behind gun violence.”

Thompson knows all too well what it’s like to lose a loved one to gun violence. A shooting took the life of her uncle a year and a half ago.

“Take a toll on you when you really don’t know the true story behind it,” she said, “and the person who knows the true story is gone and no longer here to tell you what really happened.”

It wasn’t until last September that police made multiple arrests in the case. It’s why Thompson values life even more, and why this most recent shooting frustrates her.

“Charlotte don’t got their value no more,” she said. “It’s too many people losing their kids behind gun violence or just random acts, or just being around somebody who has a gun,” she continued. “That’s why I feel like they don’t care about nobody lives now a days.”

At last check, CMPD doesn’t have a suspect or a motive in the shooting on Avalon Ave.

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