NCDOT reduces, throws out some fines against I-77 contractor


The I-77 toll lanes are open but construction continues and fines continue to add up for the company responsible for finishing the project. FOX 46 has learned that the fines may not be as costly as once believed.

An NCDOT spokesperson says Cintra, the company behind the project, is allowed an appeal process for any fine that has occurred.

Stats from NCDOT show that Cintra has been fined 15 times since March 2017 for mistakes during the construction process. Those mistakes vary, but most are for extended lane closures, which go against what was agreed to in the original construction contract.

Of the 15 fines from NCDOT, two are currently in the appeal process. Two of the fines have been reduced and one has been completely thrown out.

Back in August 2018, a dump truck associated with the project drove down I-77 with its bed raised. The truck smashed into a bridge and flipped over. I-77 heading out of Uptown was closed for about 8 hours, including during the evening rush.

At the time, NCDOT fined Cintra $3.2 million for the mistake. That fine was appealed by Cintra and reduced to $600,000. An NCDOT spokesperson tells FOX 46 Charlotte that both sides discussed the fine and in the end the $600,000 fine was for the road closure.

Cintra is currently being fined $30,000 a day for not having construction completed on time. NCDOT says right now there is no tally on how large that fine will be, but as with other fines, it will be open to an appeal process and can be reduced once the project is finished.

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