NCDOT addresses breakdown in miscommunication after I-77 closure goes overtime


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — A lane closure running overtime on Interstate-77 could cost the contractor hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to the Department of Transportation. 

This, after the NCDOT said there was a breakdown in communication. 

Drivers were stuck in hours of standstill traffic on I-77 Tuesday morning when a lane closure went overtime. Not only than, but there was a breakdown in communication that put everyone in danger. 

FOX 46 Charlotte’s Traffic Reporter Chuck Roads kept viewers in the loop during Good Day Charlotte Tuesday morning about an overnight lane closure that was supposed to wrap up before rush hour. 

“It’s one of the worst mornings I’ve seen in a long time,” Roads said. 

Sugar Creek Construction said equipment issues overnight caused the delay. The Department of Transportation said the lanes were supposed to open at 5 a.m. Tuesday. Instead, they opened more than two hours later at 7:45 a.m.

“We have expectations that need to be met with this contract. There are going to be assessments that are going to be financial. There could be penalties up to $100,000 for every 15 minutes that the road is closed beyond it should be,” Jen Thompson said with NCDOT. 

The lane closure running overtime was only one of the road blocks Tuesday morning. There was also a breakdown in communication, so no one knew the closure was going longer than expected. 

“The contractor puts in the lane closure into the database that we use to notify the media and first responders about closures. We are still looking into how there was a breakdown in communication,” Thompson said. 

The NCDOT said that breakdown in communication has been addressed and they said it will not happen again. 

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