NC House of Representatives form new committee that focuses on school safety


CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC (FOX 46) — North Carolina House of Representative members are examining solutions to improve the safety at public schools across the state.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Tim Moore, announced a new committed he officially appointed called “The School Safety Committee.” He held a press conference in Cleveland County, the area he represents in the General Assembly. 

Moore said the bi-partisan committee is made up of 41 house members across the state who can represent the needs of the state’s diverse school districts. 

This committee comes after the mass school shooting in Florida.

“Schools should be a place where children are there to learn and be free of fear. And we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to make sure North Carolina schools are the safest in the country,” Moore said.

The committee will work with superintendents, police departments, families and several other agencies to identify areas where there are safety concerns that could lead to a harmful situation.

Several suggestions will be considered including ways to provide more effective security, and programs to get kids access to mental health programs.

The committee will then present those recommendations to the General Assembly for approval.

Safety recommendations are expected to be tailored to meet an individual school’s needs. 

“It’s my goal that this is a real committee that does work. Not just something to appoint something and give people a reason to have a meeting. But to actually see real results be reached. It’s too important an issue for us not to do that,” Moore said.

The committee’s first meeting is expected to be held in the next few weeks.

While the committee was officially appointed Tuesday, it’s part of a bigger project that has been underway since 2013 when the general assembly approved the Safe Schools Initiative. Since then, they’ve been doing research that looks at instances around the country related to safety issues at schools. 

Some of the data they’ve collected gives officials insight into the effectiveness of school resource officers and the best techniques to help students with stress. 

While more research will be done with the newly appointed committee, officials said past research will help them. 

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