SALISBURY, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Salisbury High School has been placed on “Code Orange” following numerous violent threats made on social media to the school, according to the Salisbury Police Department. 

A “Code Orange” alert is a limited lock-down. Classroom doors are locked, and students and staff are told to stay where they are until they’re told everything is clear.

Police said the social media threat was one that started as a general threat to any school district across the U.S. that had a local school with the letters “SHS” in their name. 

One student telling FOX 46 despite the security alert he wasn’t too phased. 

“A little, but not that much,” a Salisbury sophomore said. 

The posts were seen on Facebook and other social media sites, and depicted a threat of violence. 

Salisbury police said they were notified early Thursday morning of this threat and called Salisbury School District staff. Upon investigation, it was noted that this post from “Ray Andres” was found and determined to be the same as all other posts. The initial threat started in Guam and spread to the United States. 

Another account has changed their name to “Ray Andres” and is from Salisbury, North Carolina, police said. 

Salisbury police along with other police departments have been in constant contact investigating this social media post. Extra police patrols and security measures are currently in place to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of students and staff.

Parents and students saying their happy the school took the threats seriously. 

“It was a good idea to do this just to keep everybody safe and stuff,” one student said. 

“It was just precaution and he wanted to come home, he’s a good student,” said parent, Karen Arnold.