Muslim American school looks for positives after Presidental Election


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Dr. Muhammad Alghorani’s reaction of Donald Trump being elected President on Tuesday may surprise you. 

“Basically, my first reaction was to celebrate democracy. People have concerns about the language and attitude but we must look at the broader picture,” said Dr. Alghorani the principal at Intellicor International School, a Independent Private Islamic School. 

His school of 50, K-9 students spoke at the election result at school.

“We wanted to make sure they are free to express their opinions, ideas, and feelings about the results because they hear talks from adults. They watch news and they hear comments about what happened during the race so we wanted to make sure were feeling comfortable, said. Dr. Alghorani. 

Reassuring them that no matter how Election Day played out they can still accomplish anything they set their mind to. 

“After the race is over we all on the same boat together. We are all citizens equally working for the well being of the country. They are American so this is the country they need to grow in and to serve eventually. They need to have the ambition of working hard for the country and they need to make sure they are enjoying every bit of it,” said Dr. Alghorani.

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