Mount Holly neighbors working together to help man caring for sick wife


MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. — Mount Holly neighbors are working to get results for an elderly couple left without a reliable way to get around town. They have raised enough money to get the couple’s car to the shop but that’s where it’s still sitting.

Herman Hewitt, 75, takes pride in his yard work and it’s also where you’ll find him most days. He waves to all of his neighbors to drive on his street.

“My neighbors have been a godsend,” said Hewitt.

His neighbors feel the same way about him.

“Anything we can do we try to help him out because we know he has limited resources at this point,” explained Gena Baxter who lives next door to the Hewitts.

The couple lives on a very fixed income and money for anything extra is extremely tight. Hewitt cares for his sick wife but he has no way to get her to her appointments.

“He was depending on my son and other neighbors for rides,” said Baxter. One neighbor tells Fox 46 he even caught Mr. Hewitt trying to walk over a mile each way to the bank.

For several months his 1994 Cadillac sat in his driveway. The transmission needed to be replaced. A neighbor who heard about his situation helped him get it to a repair shop.

Baxter set out to get results. She set up an online fundraiser and collected $400 which she gave to Hewitt.

“I wish it had gone better but any little bit helps,” said Baxter. The original goal was $1800. Right now the money to get Hewitt’s car out of the shop and finish the repairs isn’t there.

“I just have to pay a little here and a little there just to keep things afloat,” explained Hewitt. He was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. He never asked for a dime and doesn’t want to.

“I hate to have to ask because I’ve always been independent, but I feel handicap now because I’m not able to do that,” said Hewitt.

While the repair bill hasn’t gone away these Mt. Holly neighbors know it doesn’t cost a penny to be kind.

“In a world that seems cold and distant I’d say that there is still love and hope and caring in so many people out there and our community is an example of that,” said Baxter.

“When you find people who really care, regardless of your color, but because you’re a person that’s what I have to be grateful for,” said Hewitt.

Baxter says the mechanic believes there will be more repairs needed on the car but it is all Hewitt has.

To help or donate to the GoFundMe for Hewitt and his wife, click here

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