Mother wants answers in daughter’s unsolved murder in Plaza Midwood


Jevona Livingston is begging for answers in the search for her daughter’s killer. Livingston’s daughter 26-year old Ketie Jones was shot and killed in the early morning hours of October 15, while she was walking home in Plaza Midwood after a night out with friends.

“It’s still kind of a nightmare, I mean I still kind of think sometimes that she’s just away and when it hits home, it’s almost too painful to bear,” Livingston said.

Ketie Jones was walking back home after she had been at Midwood Country Club when she was shot and killed.

“I’m at a place now, where I guess I’m kind of angry, and I really want answers,” Livingston said.

After a month, Livingston says she has no new information in her daughter’s unsolved murder. She’s baffled at what happened during Ketie’s walk home from the bar.

Livingston says on her way home, Ketie posted a picture of a “used books” van on social media, and 14 minutes later, someone called police saying shots had been fired in the area. Ketie was found dead in the driveway of a real estate business off The Plaza, just a tenth of a mile from where she posted the picture.

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Livingston believes Ketie knew her killer. “It just doesn’t seem like she would still have her phone in her back pocket or the pepper spray on her purse, if she felt like she was in danger.”

While she waits for answers, Livingston is comforted knowing so many of Ketie’s friends are supporting her.

“She’s (Ketie’s) just gone, but not. I feel her everywhere. Her spirit is still alive everywhere,” Livingston said.

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