Mother of Murdered Offspring holds vigil for 2-year-old


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Soft spoken and full of life, At 2-years-old, Kye Rashid was the light that shined on his family.

“Every time he came in; the light just came on. Oh my goodness! It was amazing to have him for as long as we had him,” Kye’s grandmother Sharandah Barnett said. 

A light that has been snuffed out. Kye died on November 5th.  The family telling FOX 46, he died by some sort of blunt force trauma and Kye’s mother’s boyfriend Marquis Graham, charged with first degree murder.

“It’s a tragedy and it doesn’t’t just affect us, it affects a lot of people,” Sharandah Barnett said.

Mother of murdered offspring holding a vigil for to help the family grieve and somehow come to terms that they have live life without Kye now.

“We just try to find our new normal again. We are close. This is all my family. As a family we will find our new normal,” Kye’s mother Ayanha Barnett said. 

Part of that new normal for the Barnett family is finding the courage to get justice for Kye.  

“I just want justice for my grandson. I want justice for my grandson,” Sharandah Barnett said

Also, to never forget the joy he brought the family.

“It won’t stop. We share stories about him every day. We will just continue to do that and get through,” Ayanha Barnett said.

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