Mother of 5 finds intruders in home, scares them off


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A mother of five ran a group of intruders out of her home Monday morning while protecting the young children in her care.

“It was really scary. I was shaking. I was scared for my kids,” said Veronica Hernandez.

It was a terrifying moment. She walked into her home and surprised several strangers.

“I heard somebody say, ‘run, run’. That’s when I saw the one guy, but not the other guy.”

Hernandez immediately called 911, keeping her little ones nearby.

“I was just scared for my kids. Tried to keep them safe and left them in the truck while I checked things out.”

She found her back door kicked in and the dead bolt still locked.

“All this was broken down, these were out. The door was wide open.”

K-9s traced the scent to a nearby apartment in the Hartford Pointe Apartment complex Gastonia.

What makes this worse, Veronica says she knows one of the young men who broke in.

“I always see him around here. I sell chips for kids for 50 cents. I always see him. He comes here to buy stuff from me. It was weird for him to break into my house.”

A security camera points toward Veronica’s apartment, but it won’t be of use in this case. It’s broken, and so is Veronica’s trust in her surroundings.

“For me it’s not a safe area for any families at all.”

While the intruders didn’t take anything, her family will be moving soon. When FOX 46 tried to talk to apartment management, they wouldn’t comment.

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