More customers complain about watered down gas, test results expected Wednesday


BELMONT, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Another driver is feeling the struggle and pain in their pocketbook from water in their gas tank.

“We noticed that when we started the engine, smoke started coming out of the tailpipe with a little bit of water,” said Debbie Maples.

Debbie Maples came to the rescue of her daughter who only made it about a quarter mile down the road after filling up at C-MART on South Point Road in Belmont.

“I could feel in the steering wheel that everything started shaking and it was about 30mph to 35mph and I slowed down and as soon as I hit the gas again I heard a big thud,” said Skyar Maples.

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Deep inside the truck was much more than just gas.

“Found out there was almost 15 galloons of water in her gas tank,” said Maples.

The contaminated gas forced the Maples to fork over $761.

“That’s a lot of money for ordinary people,” said Maples.

The truck went in for repairs on March 14 and was just returned on Monday. During that time Debbie Maples stopped by C-MART in hopes of getting answers.

“The owner or manager, Randy, refused to do anything about it,” said Maples.

Maples called the North Carolina Motor Fuels Lab who sent out an inspector to take their own sample.

Inspectors tell FOX 46 Charlotte out of the about 200 calls per year for bad gas reports less than 10% turn out to be true.

Inspectors say common water in gas problems happen during delivery. If it’s raining, water from the parking lot can drain into the gas storage tanks once the cap is open. Another problem is construction nearby, which can cause the ground to settle, and small cracks to form in the tank.

Test results from C-MART are expected back on Wednesday

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