More change could come to Plaza Midwood with Center Square property now up for sale


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Center Square property, a staple shopping center is Plaza Midwood, is up for sale. It’s another example of how the landscape of the busy area is changing.

“Being an older native it’s disheartening, it’s disappointing,” a long-time Plaza Midwood resident told FOX 46. 

Central Square is a major parking and business hub for Plaza Midwood neighbors, and it’s now on the market, according to the retail investment firm Berkeley Capital Advisors’ website. 

For many, the news isn’t entirely unexpected because of the area has been transitioning. 

“It’s changing. It’s grown in the last 15 years that I have been here and it hasn’t been a gradually change it has been drastic,” said another.

The approximately 12 acres of land includes the CVS Pharmacy and restaurants like Bistro La Bon and Five Guys. In the last couple months, this area has also been infamously known for ‘predatory’ towing that some business owners say was costing them. 

“To hear what is going on that’s not new. [I’m] just hopeful that the infrastructure will meet the needs of those that are coming,” she said. 

Some residents voiced their dislike to FOX 46 back in July when the sign went up. It’s too early to tell what exactly it would mean for those in the area, but for those who frequent the area are remaining optimistic for what this could mean down the road.

“Wait and see would be more correct, but so far what has developed has been for the most part good because this area at one time was questionable.”  

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