Monroe police investigating holiday delivery scam


MONROE, NC (FOX 46) — This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Scam alert! Monroe police are investigating what they believe to be a package delivery scam that’s preying on holiday habits.

Police told FOX 46 Charlotte con-artists ask residents to call a phone number to retrieve a missed package. The scammers then ask for personal information, like birthday and social security numbers.

Melba Alba lives on Lexington Avenue and said she found a hang tag in her mailbox and was skeptical.

“I found it my mail box and I took and put in my garbage can,” said Alba.

The hang tag does not list a business service but does list a phone number to retrieve your missed package, complete with a reference tracking number.

When FOX 46 Charlotte called the phone number, no one answered, but the call was transferred to a personal voicemail box.

“It does not appear to be a legitimate delivery service,” said Pete Hovanec of Monroe Police Department. “This time of year you see people stealing packages off front doors… you see all kinds of crazy stuff.”

Robin Diggs lives in the neighborhood and said you have to look out for scammers this time of year.

“Anything for the holidays, it ain’t even about Christmas no more,” says Diggs. “It’s about whatever they can get…whoever they can get.”  

Monroe police told FOX 46 Charlotte they are still investigation if this is a local scam or larger issue. They ask if you see any of these hangs tags to call police. 

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