Mom of 20-year-old fatally shot in Statesville speaks out


STATESVILLE, N.C. — “Y’all broke my heart. My heart is in pieces,” said Tamika Smyre. The mother of 20-year-old Teyhonnah Dye is heartbroken.

“She had a heart of gold and she was just a fun person. When you saw her, her smile was like the sun,” said Smyre.

According to police there were more than fifty people in the area when Teyhonnah was shot to death just around 2:30 in the morning on 1100 block of 5th street.   She leaves behind an 11-month old child as well. “He has a smile just like her, so big and so bright,” said Smyre.

Teyhonnah was a recent Statesville high graduate and a cheerleader. “She loved cheering. She was one of the most active cheerleaders there was,” said Smyre.

While the investigation continues, her mother has a message to those responsible.

“I hope you get caught and I hope they give you the maximum of whatever it is,” said Smyre.

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