Mom hits man in face for making comment about crying child


ROCK HILL, SC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A mom was arrested for hitting a man in the face who was complaining about her crying child. This happened in Rock Hill at a restaurant, Luke’s Sport and Grill.

Shacoya Long, age 25, told FOX 46 Charlotte that looking back, she should’ve just walked away. Now, she’s facing an assault and battery charge for what happened Tuesday night. 

“I just hate this even happened,” Long said. 

Long had taken her two-year-old son out for his birthday. During his dinner she said her son started to get fussy because he wanted to get out of his high chair. 

“Who wants to be strapped, locked down in a high chair and can’t move around,” she said. “He’s a child.”

Long said they were getting ready to leave when a nearby customer made a comment.

“And then I hear someone say ‘I can’t hear myself talk,'” she recalled.

Police said a verbal argument inside the business escalated and the mother assaulted the customer.

The police report stated that Long “struck him on the left side of the face with her hand, leaving slight redness to his upper cheek.”

The police report also stated that the assault came after a 55-year-old customer complained that the child had been crying for 30 to 45 minutes. Long said her child was not crying for that long of a time period. 

“I wish I would’ve stopped and think to myself for a second, so I could’ve enjoyed the rest of the day with my son for his birthday,” Long said. 


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