Mom fears for family’s safety after Oakhurst home is riddled with bullets


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CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) – Michelle Smith’s Oakhurst home is in shambles after someone fired more than a dozen bullets into her apartment.

It happened just before 6 p.m. Tuesday on Montague Street, just off North Sharon Amity Road. Bullet holes, shell casings, and shards of glass were left scattered around the space Smith’s daughter and niece, ages 3 and 5, used to play. 

“Whoever y’all were targeting to upset, I don’t think you were targeting two kids,” Smith told FOX 46. “They can’t even eat at their dinner table because of the mess you made.”


At least 13 shots were fired into the home. Thankfully the 24-yer-old mother and her family were not inside at the time. A neighbor says they saw what happened, but stressed that it didn’t even sound like a real gun going off.

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“I kept questioning it. I was like is this really happening? After he pulled off I wrote down the tag number, then my mom asked about the shots and I was like, that had to be fake. No one is stupid enough to do that in front of me,” Smith’s neighbor told FOX 46. 

Smith has only lived in the Oakhurst neighborhood for two months, but says she already fears for her family’s safety. FOX 46 was there as Smith combed through her fridge, which had been hit during the shooting. Inside the freezer was an additional bullet hole that had not bee noticed before. 

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As she starts to pick up the pieces and repair their home, Smith has a message for the shooter: Come forward and come clean. 

“At the end of the day I just want justice and for the person to pay for it,” Smith said.

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