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One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Early detection is the best way to help fight the disease. 

Katie Robbins with Charlotte Radiology spoke on mammogram controversy. She says there is so much confusion around when to start annual mammograms and how often to go. Studies were not accurately conducted, did not take into account advances in newer technologies. Women should begin screening at age 40 and go every year. Local data shows that 20% of women are diagnosed between 40 – 49. Katie is one of those women, diagnosed at 42. She had no family history and had a clear mammogram the year before. She just finished treatment last week.

Katie Yarborough with Charlotte Radiology spoke on access to Mammograms. She says women are busy and state that as a reason to forgo annual mammograms. Their mobile breast centers make it convenient option for women, in addition to their 13 fixed locations, their mobiles serve 12+ areas surrounding the Charlotte Metro area. They work with companies to bring the unit on site for employees. And for women who are underinsured, they’ve partnered with LCI to host Project Pink Screenings.

BCC Rally spreads awareness about breast cancer and raises funds to help those battling the disease without adequate resources. A Spokesperson for BBC Rally, Maura McCarthy-Sanborn spoke about their Pink Bow Campaign. The campaign offers custom bows year-round for individuals, businesses, neighborhoods, teams and schools it “pink-up” their surroundings and show support for the breast cancer cause.

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