Mint Hill police warn of ‘drug scam’, offer to weigh your purchase for you


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Mint Hill Police Department is offering to “help” any customers who believe they may have been scammed by their drug dealer. 

“Some untrustworthy drug dealers are using their cell phone, instead of a certified scale to display the weight of the merchandise that they are selling.”

Police say by placing the drugs on their phones, they are trying to convince their customers that the drugs are the correct weight that they agreed upon before the purchase. 

In order to help any unsuspecting consumers who believe they might be getting ripped off, Mint Hill police are offering to weigh the drugs for them. 

“We can assist you by weighing your purchase to ensure that you didn’t get cheated out of what you paid for.”

They encourage anyone who may have been a “victim” of the scam to contact the police department and schedule a meeting with one of their officers. This, of course, will lead to an arrest. 

Several Facebook users were amused by the post. 

” I accept the pffer but only one condition… You let me ride in the back after!” Travis Gilroy said. 

“This is one of the best public service announcements I’ve seen in a long time. Please update your post with names and pictures of those nice people that take you up on the offer,” said Jim Taylor. 

Some commenters encouraged police to “help out” even more by supervising the drug deal. 

“As a public service the police department parking lot is designated a safe spot to conduct sales transactions. Call ahead and I am sure any one of the officers would be happy to supervise the exchange,” Jennifer Manchester suggested. 

Another commenter said there was only one thing that could top a drug user heading to the police station to hand over their illegal substances. 

“The only thing that will top that is when the drug buyer calls Mint Hill Police to report they were ripped off during an illegal drug deal.” 

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