Members of all-inclusive church feel they were targeted with crime


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — All all-inclusive church that supports the LGBT community feels they were targeted with a recent break-in as the church was vandalized. 

“It’s different from a normal break-in, you know, people usually break-in to steal stuff. This time when they leave messages it kind of said to us as a congregation that we don’t agree with what you’re doing, and we’re going to do this to express our disagreement,” said Eric Overcash, member of Caldwell Presbyterian Church. 

“Obviously, someone had a message by writing scripture verses on the wall. Ironically, some of those were about thieves. There was also one verse about homosexuality and sort of a misunderstanding of that scripture, so this is an hatred aspect to that as well,”  said Greg Jarrell, Director of Q.C. Family Tree. 

Windows are still boarded up inside the church show some of the damage as even more damage being done to the inventory of a youth-run non profit coffee shop called The Third Place. Sales from the shop help low-incomes families in the Enderly Park neighborhood of West Charlotte.

“I don’t think we can separate that message so this was not a random act in that way this was targeted.  They took all of our equipment and they took all of our inventory — all of the coffee beans, all of the equipment we were using to prepare the coffee was stolen as well,” said Jarrell. 

If there’s one positive that can be taken from this, church goers saying it’s the support they’ve have received since the crime, even bringing new faces through the doors.

Between property and equipment damage, it’s estimated that several thousand dollars of was lost due to the crime.

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