Mecklenburg Co. manager issues new warning after hackers try to attack again


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Hackers are redoubling their efforts to infiltrate Mecklenburg County systems after officials refused to pay a $23,000 ransom to unfreeze servers. 

Mecklenburg county manager Dena Dioriois now warning employees to be extremely vigilant about emails and attachments as the county’s information technology services are reporting that the cyber criminals are trying to hack the system again as a result of the county’s refusal to pay the ransom. They are primarily using emails that contain attachments with viruses. 

To limit the possibility of another attack, ITS says they are disabling employees’ ability to open attachments from Drop Box or Google Docs. 

ITS is still working to restore the affected systems and thanks everyone for their continued patience.   

Below is an update of the systems that remain affected, according to the county:  

Though most printers remain offline, a limited number have been enabled in key offices to improve the County’s ability to conduct business. 

  • MyTime clocks are working, but may show an unusual message. Some departments may ask employees to manually write down their time until the situation is resolved. Employee pay will not be affected for the 12/15 pay date.
  •  AFM cannot make new badges, change existing badge access levels or provide badge access for new employees.) 
  • Archibus Work Order system is down.– cannot access system (employees need to call maintenance vendors direct to report maintenance issues)

The county manager has also stated that the county is the victim in this situation and that no individual employee should feel responsible. 

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