Mecklenburg Co. Commissioners to discuss controversial 287(g) program


MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Immigrants and allies are set to speak at Tuesday night’s Mecklenburg County Commissioner meeting about a program that allows officers to detain undocumented immigrants. 

“This program should not cause mistrust in the community,” Mecklenburg County Sheriff Carmichael said in a news conference last week. 

Sheriff Carmichael is defending the 287(g) program as protests in the county grow. 

“We don’t stand for this. We have to stand up and do this now,” a protester said after last week’s news conference held at the sheriff’s office. 

The 287(g) program allows some officers to investigate, arrest and detain undocumented immigrants who come through the county jail system since 2006. It has deported more than 15,000 people in Mecklenburg County. 

“My deputies do not go to bus stops. I want to reiterate my office does not participate in immigration enforcement, or ICE round-ups,” the sheriff said. 

“For me to listen to law enforcement act like the only people caught up in this program are serious criminals…makes me angry because it’s a lie. The people who are caught up in this program are children, mothers, fathers, community members,” a protester said. 

Criticism rising from activist groups, Mecklenburg County Commissioners and Charlotte City Council members – they want the sheriff to get rid of the 287(g) program and on Tuesday night the Comunidad Colectiva will present a petition to commissioners asking them to pass a resolution against the program and demand the sheriff complete a report on 287(g). 

Activists would like the report to include the cost to tax payers and the charges against the people deported under 287(g). 

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